Why Manufacturing Industry Needs Marketing

The complete life cycle of any product can be bifurcated into two broad stages, production operations and post-production, sales quotient. Operations need to be balanced by economics and every successful product has struck the balance of economics with operations. So very simply put, without the manufactured goods finding buyers to purchase them, production would need to be curtailed gradually leading to compete stop. While manufacturing happens inside a given premise, within the confines of manufacturing layout, all activities leading to sales start outside the manufacturing facility. Whatever be the produce of manufacturing, the real world, outside the manufacturing facility does not identify with production procedures or environment and yet they are the ones that hold the key to the fate of the produce. So soap produced inside a manufacturing facility goes through numerous stages of production before it is ready as a finished product. All the stages of production require incredible synchronization and accurate skill with relentless labour and expertise to ensure the same quality of results are delivered on a consistent basis. But the consumers want to know nothing of it. The last thing consumers would be interested in when they are buying soap is to be educated about the various stages of production in a facility that have to be completed before a cake of soap is made available for a consumer. That story does not appeal to them as they do not find it contextual to the purchase of a soap.

Hence we have advertising. Advertising makes stories weaving in the product seamlessly within these stories while broadcasting them on different mediums in order to catch the audience’s attention and influence to relate and believe in the claims of their brand. People since age immemorial have been avid consumers of stories and branded stories with a message to inspire and influence consumers to try out the brand and validate or verify their claims. Advertising makes the soap which is being manufactured in a facility at a production cost of less than 10 p per unit sell at 10 INR to a consumer picking that brand out of host of others up for display and willingly pays for its purchase.

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