Branding and Advertising in FMCG Sector

Branding and Advertising in FMCG Sector


Branding Advertisement FMCG Sector

The FMCG sector is one of the most volatile and fluctuating industries in the world which is prone to changes in structure and strategy all the time. The lifeline and the key to success for the FMCG industry is advertising and branding. But before we proceed to elaborate on why advertising and brand building is so critical to the FMCG industry, it is only fitting to unravel the term FMCG and what it actually refers to in layman terms. FMCG is an acronym for fast moving consumer goods and it includes everything from baby food to your regular hair shampoo. All products which usually have no or almost little shelf life and are continuously being produced irrespective of demand and supply are classified as FMCG goods. That takes care of the industry segment we are dealing with Branding Advertisement FMCG Sector.

Now that we understand what we are talking about, it might be significant to remark, the consumer goods segment is a very cluttered market. There are already many established brands offering the same product with negligible or difference and there are many more manufacturers joining the fray. So for the same product, there are at least multiple manufacturers and the consumer is spoilt for choice. Hence in order to create their own share of the available consumer market, FMCG brands incorporate the strategy of advertising, without which the manufacturer would not be able to establish themselves as a Brand and without that branding their products would not be able to charge a premium amount in their cost price to the end consumer. Hence FMCG brands are majority investors in the advertising industry in order to be able to continue creating a demand for their products despite having so many options available to the consumer for the same item.

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