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The difference between an organization and an institution is that former is an office of profit unless otherwise mentioned and the latter is a seat of inculcating values and principles through education. While the former is experience-oriented learning the latter is learning oriented experiences. The former is a limited scope of work and so are its learning capabilities and the latter is diverse and the learning possibilities are endless. A school is an institution and a rice mill is an organization. There is a thin line differentiating an institution from a school and both should adhere to their territory of the boundaries in order to maintain balance in moralities and sensibilities in a civilized society. Whereas a school will impart learning to help the needy and advocate kindness and compassion selflessly, a rice mill will teach an individual to act for one’s welfare and direct their actions towards their personal profit and interest. and we Ad Value Global is the best Education Institution Branding Agency who can provide you with the best service.

Hence conventional Branding strategies do not apply when considering advertising for institutions. An institution imparts unbiased learning and moral values over personal profit and its branding would be different from that of an FMCG conglomerate. An institution is a benchmark of values and principles over everything else and its branding should uphold the same values resplendently in its commune. An institution also reserves the right to choose and select its wards for future admission and is not controlled by monetary interests, hence its communication strategies should reflect its prestigious exclusivity. The advertising agency should be such that the call to action for the audience should be to educate themselves better for a social cause. If the institution chooses a Brand ambassador, it should not weigh into a popular commercially relatable figure, but rather choose an individual who has an immense foothold for his work and contributions to society. It is all the better if the chosen Brand ambassador is an alumnus of the institution.

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