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The government is an organized system of various schemes and machinery working in tandem for the common objective of growth and development of a given constituency or state. Usually, Government Sector Publicity Agency can help you with advertising government schemes do not require public address through popular outlets apart from government approved media and machinery channels. Hence publicity and promotion of government propaganda or policy are seldom implemented by exploring traditional advertising and promotional campaigning. However, this is more of garb or guise that most governments employ to ensure their actions for social welfare or development schemes are not misinterpreted to be politically motivated. In reality, governments do work closely with advertising and media houses during election campaigning understand their voter’s psyche and spectrum of gratification.

Having said that, certain government initiatives do employ advertising under regular circumstances only when it involves a project which requires mass participation, engagement and interaction. Certain government initiatives such as web-based utility applications launched by government which requires mass publicity and campaigning through all sorts of traditional, emerging and popular media of communication such as digital media, television and print, radio and even the mobile device, require advertising campaigns planned through various levels of interactions to achieve the figures and audience that have been projected as a milestone. In compliance with government policies and after approval from necessary quarters, agencies working on behalf of the government release television commercials, print adverts, radio jingles and real-time events to campaign for the service or utility that the government wishes to reach out to the public at various levels of the society and of varying age groups.

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