Need of Media Planning in Company

Every organisation that is an office of profit reserves funds from its annual revenue or budget for marketing and media spends. This is a fact and is true for every organisation whether it is a production unit or a service industry. So irrespective of what industry segment you operate in, marketing spends are inevitable. However what separates a multinational corporate from a growing startup is the objective of marketing exercises. While multinational conglomerates and corporates engage in brand building exercises as a routine engagement and seldom in an attempt to supplement revenue by generating some revenue from them, for an upcoming and growing organisation, let’s say a startup, the marketing spends will be strictly segregated and allocated. This would be in line with their objective of investing in marketing activities as a means of generating some tangible profit, be it accumulating data or multiplying sales.

Hence media planning is an integral element in every systematic organization as the media planners reserve out media spaces ahead of time and plan media spend forecast which in turn the finance team refers to while allocating budgets. It is again the media and planning team that is in very close ties with the media outlet representatives on the other end to create an amicable and friendly atmosphere conducive for long-standing professional relationships. Such well-planned symbiosis is helpful to both involved parties as the organizations and brands get to reserve their media spaces at nominal buy well ahead of time and media outlets can always turn to their professional network in order to complete their proposed or projected media space sales by enquiring within their contacts.

Need of Media planning in company

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