Prominence of Advertising and sales in Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industry sectors globally if reports are anything to go by. People are now choosing to divert their hard earned money into gaining experiences rather than procuring material possessions. The advent of the digital media and the presence of outlets such as Facebook and Instagram have given people all the inspiration and incentive to go on vacation more frequently, travelling to destinations all over the world, armed with a high-resolution camera. Somehow the travel and hospitality industry has unknowingly had more word of mouth publicity from numerous account holders sharing their holiday pics on Facebook and Instagram, work to their advantage than any consciously launched advertising campaign.

With the concept of travel having undergone a complete transformation with the profound influence of digital mediums in our lives, people no longer travel just for a change of mind and place. Travelling is nowadays synonymous with gathering as many experiences possible over a period of time in as much attention to detail as possible. People are more informed and have a clearly chalked out plan of what they are willing to spend on and more often than not curtail staying at luxurious hotels to accommodate spends on things that deserve or warrant more time and spends. Travel companies have also ditched the exuberance of luxury in hotel stays and are rather focussing on adding more variety of experiences to their publicity communications while catering to audiences. Travel & Hospitality has become more about consumers customizing their travel plans than being advised on their travel itinerary and hence the industry stalwarts are accordingly making changes for the advertising communication to reflect the same communication

Advertising and sales in Travel and Hospitality

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