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We are a leading PR Agency in Guwahati having a good presence in the cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore. our PR Agency Guwahati offers the clients the best suitable direction and give maximum publicity. We are impaneled with some of the best media houses in the region. We have a special team of media professionals who are continuously working hard to give clients an optimum mileage in the media. Our Public Relations agency maintains deep relation with most of the journalists and editors in publications around the country, which has been developed over the years. This is ensured through a mutual interchange of information and a well-adjusted association of confidence and trustworthiness.

Once a product is launched it becomes prominent to go the market and inform about the product in the market educate the masses through various medium. Ad Value Global Services is the perfect partner for all your publicity needs in PR Agency Guwahati. Press Conference is one of the prominent modes to inform the general public with good knowledge about the product and services

In addition to trying to get our clients noticed by the media, our Public Relation Agency also keeps track of how often our client companies are mentioned in the press. because a public relations firm will assist their clients in good times and bad to manage their public image.

We also give online publicity in our news site with Write-ups and Banner advertisement for maximum publicity.

We also arrange a press conference in the Guwahati, Press Club for the award ceremony and other brand-related activities in the region.

A Full Service is Provided to the Organisation

  • Hospitality arrangements,
  • Invitation to media Houses
  • Publicity of News
  • Press Kits
  • Gifts
  • And many more

We assist you in Booking venues for all occasion in Guwahati and Banquets Halls in New Delhi. Send your queries to for more information, special rates available for Educational Institution, Corporate Business Houses, Product and Services Company according to the specification of the clients.

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Contact us at the  Ad Value Global office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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